Booking a class

It is in your best interest to join a class at the appropriate level to ensure you benefit and develop at an optimum rate. If you have any queries prior to booking your first class contact Cath.

Registration Form

If you are joining a class or booking a introductory one on one for the first time, please complete the registration form.  Either email the completed and signed form to Cath or bring it to your first class or one on one.

Terms & Conditions

The Pavilion, Newlands Lane, Stoke Row


18:30 mat                

19:30 mat


Align Pilates Limited, 22 Haywards Close, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 1UY

contact 07501027024

Studio, 22 Haywards Close, Henley on Thames

Monday                 Tuesday      

18:00 barre            09:30 mat

19:00 mat              10:30 equipment

20:00 equipment


07:00 mat